Policies, Procedures and Record Keeping


As your organization grows and experiences the convergence of increasing complexity and size, Human Capital Advisors will help you formalize and communicate consistent policies, procedures and practices.

Human Capital Advisors’ experienced consulting team recognizes the challenge of crafting policy manuals and employee handbooks for employers of all sizes and industries.

In order to make the process easier, we:

  • Develop and implement a communication strategy for launching new human resource initiatives, procedures and policies.
  • Draft and complete manuals and handbooks.
  • Provide a comprehensive assessment to determine which policies, procedures, and practices to amend.
  • Provide Web-based support tools for employee access to manuals and handbooks.


It’s often difficult to know what records must be retained and what level of security is necessary for each type of record as well as how to appropriately eliminate outdated records.

Human Capital Advisors will assist your organization with compliance to recordkeeping standards by consulting with you on:

What information is stored in what files

Employee Recordkeeping Systems Assessment


Work histories

Separations from employment



Consulting on Labor Legislation Issues

Development of Regulatory Documents

Are your electronic files retained properly and securely

Do you have a retention schedule in place

How are files destroyed

Is access limited to all files

How often are your files audited (see audit & assess)

Federal Reports


Human Capital Advisors will assist in developing, implementing and tracking safety training programs that fit the needs of your organization and compliance with state and federal safety regulations.

OSHA Compliance

Safety Meetings

Incentive Programs

Safety Training