Performance Management

How to Evaluate Employees, Use Performance-Based Career Paths, and Develop a Succession Planning Process

One business strategy of a successful organization is understanding how to evaluate employees, establish and use performance-based career paths, and develop a succession planning process.

Attract and Retain

Attracting and retaining talented employees must be practiced at all levels of the organization and implemented in daily processes. This is not solely a function of your human resources department. Your entire management team has responsibility for developing the skills of their immediate staff and to attract new people to the company.

Performance and Goal Achievement

Employees need to know where they stand in terms of their performance and goal achievement, as well as what they need to do in order to advance their careers.

Coach Star Performers

Employers want to know how to coach star performers, how to provide relevant feedback to employees, and structure career development plans.

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Performance Management Services

Human Capital Advisors provides the following Performance Management services:

360-Degree Performance Feedback Process

Clearly defined Success Portraits for positions

Competency-based Performance & Career Progression Plans

Customized, secure, Web-based employee surveys

Managing and defining competitive salaries

Metrics/ Scorecard-based Performance Plans

Retention programs

Sourcing, attracting, recruiting and onboarding qualified candidates with competitive backgrounds

Training and development programs

Workforce plans for talent acquisition, upcoming skill needs, and preparation for unforeseen talent departures