The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis of our Era? Or just a Political Issue?

The Biggest Humanitarian Crisis of our Era? Or just a Political Issue?



It’s time to start discriminating.  Are you an 80 or a 20?

No one believes that you should truly be safe from discrimination based on your race, creed, color, gender or national origin, disability, age or military status do you?  Everyone who is different than you should be discriminated against – RIGHT?


There is a reason we’re the greatest country on this planet.  More than 200 years ago a group of very intelligent and risk irrelevant individuals decided to create a new political model.  One that no one in the history of man had ever tried.  They decided to create a country based on one premise, that all men are created equal.  Not white people, or black people, or Asian people.  Not that women should be subservient to men. Not people of one faith over another.  They didn’t say damn the disabled or aged or hold of lesser importance people of lower income or education.  It was pretty clear – they said it simply but profoundly – ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.  That philosophy has woven the greatest patchwork of human success in all of history.

What we do here in the United States is the most difficult political system on the planet.  Why?  Because of that belief.  What we do is really, really hard.  We’ve taken hundreds of differences and blended them all together.  Races, religions, nationalities, ages, disabilities, and educational levels. There are great differences in incomes, schools, professions, communities, industries and the places we call home. We have differences in sports, hobbies, interests and passions.  We have different foods, desserts, side dishes, snacks and recipes and flavors we love and those we don’t.  We have hundreds of different drinks from juices, soft drinks and sport drinks to beers, wines and spirits.  We each take care of ourselves in different ways with hundreds of different health routines, exercise habits, and diets.  And there are differences in our families too.  Some are huge with hundreds of cousins and aunts and cousins while others are small with only a few members of our immediate families.  We relax in an unlimited number of ways whether that’s by enjoying time with family, friends, a book, a movie, an electronic game, a tablet or television.

We sit atop the greatest health science in the world.  The collection of medical brilliance in our country is hundreds of times better than the next best medical system on the planet.  We spend more money on medical research to find cures and treatments for anything and everything than the rest of the world combined.  Our health system is really expensive to run – but it funds the greatest medical breakthroughs – no – miracles – in all of history.

And we sit atop the greatest innovations in the world.  Over the past 100 years almost all of the greatest innovations on the planet have come from our country.  And what is better, there are thousands more already in process and behind that thousands more.  There are more than 650 venture capital firms in this country today and their portfolio of companies, some 7,000 companies, are right now creating some of the greatest innovations we and our children and their children will ever see.

There are about 320 million people in the United States.  80% of those people are good, hard working, conscientious people who care about everyone and everything around them.  That takes into account 256 million people.  Conversely,  about 20%  of our population don’t share in those same values or beliefs.  Here’s a question – Wouldn’t it be great if the 256 million people could show the way to the 64 million who need it.  So is Bob Cratchit and his family an 80 or a 20 – and what about old Ebenezer.  Certainly Mr. Fezziwig fits on the high end of one of those distribution curves – doesn’t he?

And who does it all begin with? Each of us!  We’re responsible.  Apathy is the greatest sin.

What can you do?  Start with random acts – it’s easy during the Holidays!  Simple gestures for others that show you care.  We’re surrounded by them every day – opportunities to care.  Perhaps that’s the solution – the 80% taking regular positive action to show others you care.  Perhaps in those acts you’ll touch a few of the 20% and they’ll follow suit.


So – are you and 80 or a 20??  When you go back over your year could you prove it – and could you have done better?

Look for our new ‘pay it forward’ solutions coming in 2016!  Programs, solutions and tools to help you be a better manager and professional tomorrow than you were yesterday!

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!!!

P.S. Lest we relax, there are about a half a percent ½ % of our population – about 1.6 million under lock and key.  Some of these are incorrigible who have no regard for anyone.   But there is an even smaller part of our population that we need to be even more wary of – it’s the 1/10 of 1% of our population.  It seems like such a small number – 1 tenth of 1% of a population of 320 million.  Note – that is 320,000 people in this country right now that want to cause others harm.  Be always vigilant.  The challenges to our beliefs by the likes of acts in San Bernardino, or Sandy Hook, or a Boston Marathon, or an Oklahoma City or 9/11 are always going to be around us.  Be vigilant.  These are people who are around us at all times.  Although we may be suspicious of some, others will integrate readily amongst.  And until someone comes up with a way to identify these you need to protect yours.  Be safe!


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