The Biggest HR Disaster of 2017 They say that 85% of an iceberg is underwater. If that is so we are only seeing a mere fraction of what is to come. It’s amazing how this is only now front page news and finally causing change – significant change. Politicians (presidents past and present) and sports figures (think Jerry Sandusky) and now finally Hollywood. Perhaps it took a lightning rod like President Trump to bring this full circle, but the sad thing about all of this is that it should have been stopped by strong HR policy and even stronger HR Leadership a long time ago. Harassment policies have been around for decades, but to what avail? Without credible investigative support, followed by strong action and penalties, these complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Some of these individuals are (soon to be were) very powerful in their companies and in their jobs. It reads like a who’s who – unfortunately this one is a Hollywood Walk of Shame. What do you need to do? Train your entire leadership team. Be immediately responsive to complaints. Investigate claims beyond the first interview. When validated, take immediate and strong action up to and including separation. Why? These actions by the perpetrators violate the law. We at the watch have a responsibility to enforce those laws and protect every employee, and even those who are one off – where employees come into regular contact with clients, customers or contacts. It’s our responsibility to every individual that works – wherever they work. Please note that the training for this is very serious. Imagine this – you are about to open Pandora’s box. If those in leadership roles are not prepared to deal with what is about to be revealed, you are already in trouble. As such this training is critical to protect your employees and your company. Harvey Weinstein went from powerful to pariah in a matter of weeks. And it was his company. Ask the former President and Vice Presidents and the Board at Penn State if they wish they had taken this topic more seriously. Not only are they in jail, their careers are ruined and it has cost an otherwise exceptional educational institution more than $300 million dollars – and tainted their reputation for at least a generation. Be vigilant. Remember you can only see what’s on the surface. It’s the ugly underside that sinks the unsinkable. Training, policy, enforcement, investigations. We can help. Just give us a call.

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