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Human Resource Consulting

Compensation Practices
Attract, Retain, and Motivate High-Caliber Employees

A significant human resource challenge is developing and implementing Total Rewards compensation practices that balance overhead with attracting, retaining, and motivating high-caliber employees.

Driving Performance

Compensation PracticesHuman Capital Advisors helps organizations create or improve Total Rewards compensation to support business strategy and to ensure your system is driving the performance you demand. We work with you to have a broad and deep understanding of your philosophy, strategy, and culture; which helps us develop systems and practices that align with your goals and objectives.


The Total Rewards Plan

Our Total Rewards plan design includes:

  • Base pay plan design
  • Competitive positioning versus the marketplace
  • Customized salary surveys
  • Develop a compensation philosophy
  • Develop salary administration programs and guidelines
  • Fair Labor Standards Acts (FLSA) assessment and compliance
  • Internal pay equity
  • Linking pay to performance
    • Design and develop executive incentive programs
    • Design and develop merit pay programs
  • Management training on delivering compensation changes to employees
    • Design and develop employee communications regarding compensation
  • Market pricing analyses
  • Salary budget planning
  • Sales compensation design
  • Recognition programs
  • Success Portraits job evaluation and development
  • Variable pay programs

Success Portraits
Where Steroids are Legal

How to build a snapshot to hire the right person.