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Human Resource Consulting

Employee Benefits Programs
A Critical Component

Employee Benefit ProgramsEmployee benefits programs are a critical component of an organization’s Total Rewards strategy. Competitive benefits give your organization an advantage when conducting management recruitment and in retaining top performers. Given the costs of health insurance, crafting a benefit program that meets your employees’ needs requires careful thought, planning and consideration.

Crafting a Benefit Program

Human Capital Advisors will help you make the best decisions by:

  • Assessing your existing benefit program to determine competitive and cost effectiveness

  • Creating and implementing customized, secure, Web-based employee benefit satisfaction surveys

  • Determining appropriate employee contributions

  • Developing a policy for statutory requirements

  • Facilitating broker relationships

  • Recommending the appropriate customized benefits packages for your organization


Increase Your Understanding of:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Family Medical Leave Act

  • Leaves of Absence

  • Reasonable Accommodation